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Welcome to Dr. Crow’s Bird Show, created by Dr. Elizabeth Burton-Crow of The Kerulos Center for Non-violence. This new fantastic and fascinating podcast takes you on a wild journey to meet our Avian kin, hear about what and who they are and what they do and think. The weekly Show is co-hosted by Luca, a Gold and Blue Macaw, and Gir, as well as other guest Birds and humans who will share their ideas about humans, life, love, and the World of Sky Minds.

Dr. Crow is Director of Education at Kerulos. Her lifelong love of Animals led her to Kerulos, where she began in Summer 2012 as a Sacred Bones intern while volunteering at a Costa Rican Parrot sanctuary. Today, she is proud to call herself the Director of Education, overseeing class and workshop development at an expanding school and online Kerulos Learning Institute.

You can access the video version of this podcast on Kerulos’s YouTube channel. On the Kerulos Constellation Facebook page you can join in with call-in questions and hosted discussions, and join a live webinar group where we gather to reflect and discuss together the ideas introduced in the podcast.

Any contribution in appreciation of the podcasts is welcome. Please consider donating to The Kerulos Center for Nonviolence to support our residents at The Tortoise and the Hare Sanctuary. Thank you for your generosity and care.

Bird Show podcast

Episode Eleven: Sun Conures

On today’s episode, we’re shining a light on Sun Conures (also known as Sun Parakeets),…
Bird Show podcast

Episode Twelve: Bird Psyches

This week’s bonus-length episode marks the culmination of our first season of the Bird Show,…
Bird Show podcast

Episode Eight: Top 15 Birds

It’s a special week here at the Bird Show as we celebrate Emily’s 15th birthday…
Bird Show podcast

Episode Nine: Bowerbirds

Meet one of Nature’s greatest artists: The Bowerbird.  Bowerbirds are known for their intricate courtship…
Bird Show podcast

Episode Ten: Bird Senses

Birds are known for their acute vision and sense of hearing, but what about their…
Bird Show podcast

Episode Four: Wild Turkeys

In these tough times, distract yourself by talking Turkey! This week, co-host Chipmunk the Chicken…
Bird Show podcast

Episode Five: Blue and Gold Macaws

Take a bird break to learn about Blue and Gold Macaws.  Co-host Luca the Macaw…
Bird Show podcast

Episode Six: Easter Eggs

We all know the eggspression: What came first, the Chicken or the Egg?  On today’s…
Bird Show podcast

Episode Seven: Quetzals

Shimmering like living jewels, Quetzals are one of the most stunningly-plumed bird species on the…
Bird Show podcast

Welcome to the Birdshow!

Are you up for a flocking good time? Join us on Dr. Crow’s Bird Show,…
Bird Show podcast

Episode One: Crows

We are kicking off Dr. Crow’s Bird Show with—you guessed it!—an episode on Crows. Crows…
Bird Show podcast

Episode Two: Sacred Birds

In this week’s episode, we dive deep into the spiritual and symbolic significance of Birds.…
Bird Show podcast

Episode Three: Birds of Ireland

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, this week on the Bird Show we explore the…