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This week’s bonus-length episode marks the culmination of our first season of the Bird Show, and we chose a topic worthy of this special occasion: Bird Psyches.  We’ve seen throughout the Bird Show how adept avian beings are at just about everything.  Today we dive beneath the surface to discover the psychological world of Birds.  Dr. Gay Bradshaw joins the flock for a fascinating conversation covering everything from trauma recovery to her lifelong journey with Panama, the Yellow-naped Amazon Parrot.

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Special Guest:  Dr. Gay Bradshaw, Founder & Director of The Kerulos Center for Nonviolence


Flocking News article — Early Experiences Determine how Birds Build their First Nest

Article on Brain Structure — Bird Brain? Ounce for Ounce Birds have Significantly more Neurons in their Brains than Mammals or Primates

Article on Trauma Recovery — Avian Affective Dysregulation: Psychiatric Models and Treatment for Parrots in Captivity


Co-Host: Luca the Blue and Gold Macaw

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