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Mariposa connects spiritual practice with Nature’s principles and ethics to heal and transform humanity to Nature consciousness.

Mariposa (Spanish for Butterfly) describes this essential metamorphosis of human consciousness. While recycling, plant-based living, and decreasing human population  make dramatic changes, they do not directly disengage the psychological and cultural mechanisms which have generated ecological breakdown. Our Mariposa program offers Nature Mindfulness and meditation training, courses, and workshops.

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The journey of Nature consciousness is an ancient path grounded in an ontology of unity, ways of knowing, being, and ethics where wholeness and multiplicity, visible and invisible, secular and spiritual are compatible and consonant. Humanity’s yearning for re-connection to Nature is a remembering of the universal awareness in which the entire cosmos participates. Nature consciousness involves transformation of self-identity in its most elemental way, a way of seeing, feeling, and being in love, not war, with Nature. It takes place in the invisible realms of consciousness, in the territory of contemplation.  The path to our true nature is Nature.

Mariposa Offerings

Mariposa Meditations

Join our Nature Mindfulness practices and receive its companion e-essay, Mariposa Reflections.

Mariposa Reflections

Mariposa Reflections is a free e-post by Kerulos founder Gay Bradshaw that explores contemplative perspectives to deepen our understanding of Nature’s nature and that of our own. These Reflections are stand-alone, but are aligned with ongoing course content of Mariposa Meditations.

Nature Mindfulness–Meditation Practice for Animal Activists, Rescue, and Care

This self-paced, 12-session course introduces concepts and practices of mindfulness and meditation to consciously develop healthful ways of mitigating the stress, pain, and uncertainty associated with work with Animals in need and activism.

Visit the Nature Mindfulness page.

Clear Mind, Clear Sight: An Introductory Workshop (coming in 2023)

Clear Mind, Clear Sight  is a one day online workshop that introduces Nature Mindfulness to researchers and others studying Wildlife and other Animals – and Plants – to better understand their  internalized assumptions and projections that they bring to their work and at the same time learn how subjective experience and observations provide deep insights.

You will learn:

  • Fundamentals of trans-species psychology
  • Basic practices of Mindfulness training
  • Apply, explore and evaluate examples of Animal study from your research and that of others