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Mariposa Reflections is an online post by Gay Bradshaw that explores contemplative perspectives and their relationship to Animal and Earth revitalization.

While recycling, decreasing human population, and plant-based living make dramatic changes, they do not directly disengage the psychological and cultural mechanisms that have generated ecological breakdown. Healing humanity and the Earth requires deep transformation and evolution of human consciousness. Mariposa (Spanish for Butterfly) describes this essential metamorphosis.

Each e-post discusses how to connect personal spiritual development with Nature’s principles and ethics as a way to to make the world whole by becoming whole.



September 29, 2023
I am not a concept Nor a statistic Or a Latin name scratched in the…

In What Key Do You Want to Sing Life?

July 30, 2023
I have always been a fan of songs like Secret Love, A Summer Place, Moon…


July 8, 2023
Just one look was all it took...I don’t know whether it was my activist friend’s…

Why Animals Need You to Meditate

June 9, 2023
The other day, someone asked me this question, “How does meditation help you help Animals?”…

The Lilac

May 14, 2023
W here shall this go, she wondered, Holding up the Lilac frond, Broken by the…

Einstein’s Wish

April 29, 2023
What led the twenty-six-year-old German-born man to dash, clutching a brown envelope, and wearing a…

The Kindness Instinct

April 11, 2023
A few months back, I read about a man who, one winter morning, was walking…

Mary, Wolves, and Warthogs

December 2, 2022
A mother and baby Moose pass through the camp of resting Wolves. A Grizzly Bear…

Bears and Samarra

November 16, 2022
A story told by Death: There was a merchant in Bagdad who sent his servant…