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Birds are known for their acute vision and sense of hearing, but what about their other senses? For instance, did you know that Parrots have more taste buds than the average bird? And that it’s not necessarily the Owl’s ears that help her hear so well? Find out about these fascinating facts on today’s Bird Show, where we explore the sensational world of avian perception.

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Flocking News article — These Birds Have Been Found to Warn Rhinos of Poaching—And It Could Help Protect the Species

Articles on Bird Pheromones — The Perfume of Reproduction in Birds: Chemosignaling in Avian Social Life; Insectivorous Birds Eavesdrop on the Pheromones of Their Prey

 Special Guest:  Abby Couture, Student Intern from McGill University


Co-Host: Chipmunk the Ameraucana Chicken

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