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We all know the eggspression: What came first, the Chicken or the Egg?  On today’s Bird Show, Dr. Crow and Co-host Charlene are joined by’s Nigel Osborne to discuss the origins of the Easter Egg. (Egg-rolling contest, anyone?) Then we’ll swoop in for a deeper look at backyard flocks and the industrial egg industry and what it all means for the modern Chicken. Finally, we’ll share some Easter craft ideas with the potential to become new fun, family traditions.

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Flocking News article —

The History of the Hunt: How an Easter Tradition was Hatched by Dr. Andrew Hann —

Ideas for Eggless Easter Traditions:

String Easter Eggs

Salt Dough Eggs

Vegan Cake Pops

Mercy the Chicken book

Free coloring book from Happily Ever Esther


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Co-Host: Charlene the Buff Orpington Chicken

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