We offer a variety of courses, internships, and mentoring opportunities that combine the online experience with hands-on learning.

Our courses and internship opportunities are designed for students, professionals, and others who wish to deepen their understanding of Animal minds and lives, and put their learning into direct action. The courses described below are housed at The Kerulos Learning Institute, our online course room. You may also sign up for one-on-one mentoring sessions with Dr. Bradshaw in support of your journey, as you align work, life, and studies to be who Animals need us to be. Explore our courses below or for more information contact us at info@kerulos.org.

“I once had a sparrow alight upon my shoulder for a moment, while I was hoeing in a village garden, and I felt that I was more distinguished by that circumstance than I should have been by any epaulet I could have worn.”

Henry David Thoreau
The Kerulos Learning Institute

Living One–Life in the Absence of Animal Exploitation

Living One is a free webinar series produced by The Kerulos Center for Nonviolence focusing on how culture and life will look in the absence of Animal exploitation, when humans and other Animals live as one community in peace and wellness.

Attitudes towards Nature are radically changing. Plant-based living, veganism, and Animal advocacy and rights are now mainstream topics. We know what is wrong with human culture now, but how do we want the world and life to look like in the future?

Each half-hour live presentation will be followed by open question-and-answer with audience participants. For more registration and information about the course and its presenters, visit the Living One webpage.

The Kerulos Learning Institute

Lessons from the Elephants–A Webinar Series by Carol Buckley

Carol Buckley, the world’s foremost authority on adult Elephant psychology and trauma healing, shares what she has learned in her over forty years’ journey with these great beings. In this series of four live-recorded webinars, she reflects on what she has learned from the Elephants and how they offer insights and exemplars for guiding humanity’s transformation from a culture of separation and violence to shared, enlightened consciousness.

For more information and registration, visit the Lessons from the Elephants page.

The Kerulos Learning Institute

Greening Your Practice–Bringing Nature into Mental Health Service

Global change is on everyone’s mind, bringing an entirely new suite of symptoms—ecoanxiety, extinction illness, and ecological grief. The impact is immense. But, conventional therapies typically do not address these kinds of personal distress. As a result, mental health providers find it difficult to integrate nature-based concepts and methods into their clinical work. Co-taught by psychologists Gay Bradshaw PhD, PhD and Elizabeth Burton Crow PhD, Greening Your Practice shows how to incorporate nature into your practice for the good of your clients and the planet.

Greening Your Practice consists of two three-hour sessions available for viewing at any time. For more information about the course and presenters, visit the Greening Your Practice webpage.

The Kerulos Learning Institute

Trauma-informed Care for Animals I & II

This is a series of webinars on Trauma-informed Care where we hear from professionals around the world with their understanding and insights on trauma and trauma healing. There are two webinars to date:

  • Trauma-Informed Care for Animals I–Fundamentals Concepts is comprised of presentations from three mental health professionals with a fourth discussion presentation with Q&A (available now).
  • Trauma-Informed Care for Animals II–Healing in Sanctuary interviews four leaders in Animal rescue and sanctuary as they share their experiences and insights of Animal trauma and healing, with a particular focus on species and individuals with whom they have worked.

For more information, visit the Trauma-informed Care for Animals webpage where you can register for I, II, or both I and II at a discounted rate.

The Kerulos Learning Institute

S.E.L.F.– A Trauma-Informed Psychoeducational Curriculum

Trauma results from an overwhelming experience which we are not able to mentally or physically process. Trauma healing begins with psychoeducation–learning what trauma is and how it affects us individually and as a community. Developed by Sandra Bloom, MD (Drexel University School of Public Health) and Joe Foderaro, LCSW (University of Pennsylvania School of Social Policy & Practice), and co-taught by Gay Bradshaw, S.E.L.F. provides a framework to help individuals, groups, and organizations gain shared understanding and approaches to trauma and relational healing. You will learn how to apply trauma-informed principles and practices in your work with humans and Animals. For more information contact us at info@kerulos.org

The Kerulos Learning Institute

Being Who Animals Need Us to Be–Mindfulness in Animal Care, Rescue, and Activism

Unconditional love, honesty, compassion—by cultivating these qualities which Animals naturally possess not only do we enhance our ability to self-care, but we increase our capacity to be who Animals need us to be. This course introduces concepts and practices of mindfulness and meditation to consciously develop healthful ways of mitigating the stress, pain, and uncertainty associated with work with Animals in need and activism. Topics include:

  • Understand the difference between stress, suffering and pain
  • How ego affects our ability to provide optimal Animal care
  • How acceptance differs from detachment and indifference
  • Cultivating mindfulness as an antidote for overwhelm
  • Understand how to healthfully hold fear, stress, and grief
  • How presence nourishes yourself and others.

For more information, contact us at info@kerulos.org

The Kerulos Learning Institute

Living Beyond Difference–Concepts and Practices of Accompaniment

In contrast to the prevailing “me above others” ethic, accompaniment centers our lives to benefit and support others. Harvard professor of Medicine, Paul Farmer, defines accompaniment: “I’ll go with you and support you on our journey wherever it leads. I’ll share your fate for a while—And by ‘while’ I don’t mean a little while. Accompaniment is about sticking with a task until it’s deemed completed—not only by the accompanier, but by the person being accompanied.” Using clinical psychologist and activist Mary Watkin’s beautiful new book, Mutual Accompaniment and the Creation of the Commons (Yale, 2019) as a core text, this course explores accompaniment in context of Animal and human activism to catalyze profound social and cultural change. For more information, contact us at info@kerulos.org.

The Kerulos Learning Institute

Sky Minds

The course uses the new field of trans-species psychology lens to try and obtain an “inside looking out” view of avian experience as best we can. From this vantage, we explore bird cognition, emotions, and experience and associated philosophical underpinnings, points of debate, ethics, and future directions for the field. The course seeks to address common questions such as, What does bird sentience imply for how we live with and care for our avian kin? Can Parrots and domesticated birds ever find happiness in captivity? Are humans and other species “enough” for birds in captivity or do they require companionship of their species? For more information contact us at info@kerulos.org.