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  • Joseph Wood says:

    Thank you Lauren. Sorry i did not listen to this prior to webinar.
    Clarification of term: “Hierarchy”
    Some beings harmonize in groups that are more liken to “herd” and some more liken to “packs” etc. The same is true of Fish. They ALL harmonize. Some need much more space for this to occur than others. The “individual” traits that make one being “unique” are, in part, reflected in this (by degrees).
    Those that i referred to as “predatory” are only called that (by me) as they tend to eat anything small enough to not put up much of a fuss (such as a Ghost Knife). Even a Ghost knife can be bonded with quite small beings of fish as long as other environmental factors are copacetic.

    Linguistic terms do not lend themselves easily to these types of things.
    Like the word “Love”
    so many things by so many degrees by each being not in a “selfless” state.
    Your podcast is greatly appreciated.