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Can we fashion lives that cease the harm and start anew in peace with nature? The answer is yes—and the way is illustrated by naturalist Loren Eiseley’s beautiful story, The Star Thrower. This story is at the heart of our Star Thrower community, people committed to learn, act, and share what they know—for the animals.

One day, Eiseley was walking along a deserted shore when suddenly, he sees a man standing alone at the water’s edge. Unlike other beach-goers, the stranger has not come to collect shells or fish. Instead, he searches the shore for starfish stranded by the tide and once spotted, throws them back into the ocean. After watching the man, Eiseley steps to the side of the Star Thrower:

Silently I sought and picked up a still-living star, spinning it far out into the waves. I spoke once briefly. “I understand,” I said. “Call me another thrower.” Only then I allowed myself to think, he is not alone any longer. After us, there will be others.

The Star Thrower carries important messages. First, it underscores our deep intrinsic connection with other nature and the community fostered by its open beauty. At the same time, we witness the vulnerability of wildlife in human hands: nature’s strength cannot be taken for granted.

Finally, the Star Thrower shows us how readily we can each make a huge difference on this planet. A shift in attitude, a flick of a hand, and a life is saved. It can be that easy—when we accept the challenge of the Star Thrower. This is the Kerulos path.