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STARTS MARCH 14, 2021!

The arts have been an integral part to forward thinkingness, creative research methods, activism, and critical thought.

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This course is a space where we can reconnect with our inner worlds and each other, to allow our minds to think freely and deeply. Artistic work and creative thinking are integral in moving towards a paradigm shift. This course is designed to benefit those working as artists as well as to those looking to stretch their creative muscles, who may be working in holistic or therapeutic fields, as animal caregivers, activists, or with research based practices. It’s also for people with an interest in integrating arts-based practices in their work, as well as for people who enjoy art making who perhaps want to get back into it. The course will also appeal to artists interested in nature based consciousness, trans species psychology, queer ecological theory, and activism.

Learning Objectives

Through a combination of discussion of the course material, art making, collaboration, and artwork critique, participants will develop creative and critical thinking and discussion skills. They will experiment, using creative approaches to learning and knowing. There will be opportunities to collaborate, to learn from each other and ways of working together. They will identify connections and understand how scientific and artistic practices can inform and challenge each other, ultimately recognizing the importance of different ways of knowing. Participants are encouraged to set their own learning objectives at the start of the course, something that they would like to investigate through art making. They will create strategies to apply this knowledge to their own practices going forward.

Course Structure

This is an 11-week course in which presentations are interwoven with art-making periods. Beginning Week 3, we will meet every other week on the online conferencing platform Zoom. I will have recorded sessions that participants can watch in their own time. There will be a pack of resources (articles, videos, excerpts, websites) and suggested readings that come with the presentation. At the end of each presentation, there will be a creative prompt/invitation. The participant will have two weeks to create something based off of this prompt and digest the course material. Every two weeks there will be a live Zoom  discussion and creative symposium, where we can share knowledge, thoughts and projects. There will be five live sessions total.

Course fees: $210US (non-students) and $150US (students).

Course Schedule (Pacific Time)

Week 1: March 14 First presentation, resource list and creative prompt available
Week 2: March 21 Studying/art making period
Week 3: March 28 First symposium – 2 hours. Second presentation, resource list and creative prompt available
Week 4: April 4 Studying/art making period
Week 5: April 11 Second symposium – 2.0 hours. Third presentation, resource list and creative prompt available
Week 6: April 18 Studying/art making period
Week 7: April 25 Third symposium – 2 hours. Fourth presentation, resource list and creative prompt available
Week 8: May 2 Studying/art making period
Week 9: May 9 Fourth symposium – 2.0 hours. Fifth presentation, resource list and creative prompt available
Week 10: May 16 Studying/art making period
Week 11: May 23 Final symposium – 2 hours


Maggie Campbell is an artist and performance-maker, inspired by futures that include, and make peace with the nonhuman. She designs and creates artwork for live performances, film, and installation. Her work investigates themes of queer ecology, biophilia and otherness. Maggie is the co-founder and artistic director of collective Petri Delights.  The collective creates dance performances, with design as the catalyst for narrative. They make experimental costumes and sculptures, inviting performers, choreographers and sound/AV artists to collaborate.

Maggie is working towards a zero-waste practice as a creative freelancer, and run stage design + sustainability workshops for young people. She graduated in 2019 from Central Saint Martins, where she was nominated for the Mullen-Lowe Nova Award for Outstanding Creative Talent. Maggie has since shown work around the UK and internationally at festivals, venues, and online platforms.


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