Our Vision


In the eleven years since its founding, Kerulos has crafted a solid corpus of scholarship seamlessly translated to education and sanctuary care. Our faculty and collaborators are leaders in the fields of traumatology, neuropsychology, Animal medicine, rescue and sanctuary, and social justice. Our vision is to establish an onsite School that is embedded in Sanctuary. Kerulos’ School of Trauma-Informed Care for Animals will be the first institution to provide professional, psychologically based training for mental and somatic health professionals, human and Animal medical professionals, educators, and students. Importantly, the School will address the critical deficit in professional Elephant and other Animal carers.

Certified graduates will staff other sanctuaries, rescue centers, educational institutions, and shelters. The School will be able to host international conferences and workshops where people from around the world gather to share experiences and expertise for the purpose of cultivating a supportive, informed community in service to Animals. With an expanded land base, we will be able to offer lifetime homes for more than 120 more companion and farmed Animals. Our School and Sanctuary will provide the youth of today support, space and place to craft a way of living which restores fosters a beautiful, healthful future.

Creating a World Where Animals Live in
Dignity and Freedom