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Millions of farm, exotic, and companion Animals are in need of homes.

Existing shelters and sanctuaries are only able to help a fraction of Animals in need. The All Places Sanctuary program answers the pressing question: What can I do? By transforming how we live in a way that promotes Animal well-being, we also create sanctuary for ourselves.

The goals of All Places Sanctuary is:

  • Increase our capacity as a society to care for Animals in need
  • Promote the well-being of our own species
  • Create an Animal-friendly, Animal-inclusive culture of compassion and service

Sponsor a Home Sanctuary

Many people are willing to open their hearts and homes to provide lifetime care for Animals in need, but have difficulties supporting them financially. You can sponsor one of our Home Sanctuary Ambassadors with a monthly payment that goes directly to Animal care, food, and medical needs (minimum one-year commitment). You will receive monthly photos and updates.  By sponsoring, you not only help Animals, you help people help Animals. Just complete the donate page, including mailing address and specifying who and how much you would like to sponsor.

Available Sponsorships

Joe Human, Tiki Cockatoo, and Fish

“Tiki is my adopted Umbrella Cockatoo who is about twenty four years old. We live in a virtually equal and open setting. He came to live with us which included Crystal, also an Umbrella Cockatoo, and the Fish, about six years ago. Crystal and I lived together for about four years already. She was in very bad physical and emotional state when she arrived. I held her in my arms as she ‘wept’ without tears. She was mostly featherless and unable to open her wings completely. Her nails were ingrown into the bottom of her feet that she had to ‘skate.’ She was brought here after Baby, a Nanday Conure, had recently passed.

“Baby and I lived and slept together for nearly twenty years. We shared every meal and watched movies together. Her favorite show was actually a commercial where a very energetic fellow dressed in a multi-colored/question mark suit tried to tell her how to go to school for free. She would drop whatever she was doing and fly to the TV, hang upside down professing her desire and passion. She also adored any David Bowie song. I heard it once said in a movie, something to the effect: Marriage has years that are generally good and years that are more heavy. Baby and I had the very best and deepest Love I have ever known. I have never been in such constant deep unquestioning Love and Comprehension and Acceptance with another Life. We had so many wonderful moments; days; years—decades.

“When she, and then Crystal, passed, Tiki and I had to re-develop our relationship. It started out rough—we both missed Crystal so much— and we had to get know each other anew. I wasn’t sure that we would ever develop a deep relationship, but we have, and the joy to be able to play and live together is fantastic.”