Tortoise at Large

Tortoise at Large is a monthly feature that covers current news and issues relating to Tortoises and Turtles around the world.


Exotic Pet Trade Brings Large-Scale Suffering

company logoHarrowing details of one of the largest exotic pet seizures in U.S. history have now been published in the latest issue of the Journal of Applied Animal Welfare Science. A major international wholesaler, U.S. Global Exotics (USGE) was investigated by veterinarians, biologists and other exotic animal experts alongside the Texas State authorities. Around 3,500 dead and dying animals, or 12% of the ‘stock’, were discarded weekly at the facility, meaning that during each stock turnover period of 6 weeks, around 72% of animals were trashed. [READ MORE]



The Trade in Wild-Caught Reptiles


The wildlife trade business is the second-largest illegal trade in the world after drugs. Federal, state and foreign laws are seemingly broken everyday as hundreds of thousands of reptiles are imported and exported mostly for the pet trade threatening many species with extinction. Most die in capture and transport. ]READ MORE]



Pollution, Disease Hit Endangered Green Sea Turtles

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The leading known cause of death in green turtles, the tumor-forming disease Fibropapillomatosis, is caused by pollution entering the food web from urban and farm runoff in Hawaii.  [READ MORE]








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