Our Vision


This year, 2018, marks the 10th Anniversary of The Kerulos Center’s founding. In celebration, we are unveiling our new and future plans. As a first step of our All Bull Elephants’ Sanctuary (ABES) project, we are establishing the Kerulos School for Animal Trauma Recovery. It will be the first institution to provide professional trauma-informed, psychologically based training for Animal caregivers. School programs address the critical deficit in professional Elephant and other carers.

Certified graduates will staff ABES, other sanctuaries, rescue centers, educational institutions, and shelters. The School will host international conferences and workshops where people from around the world will gather together to share experiences and expertise for the purpose of cultivating a supportive, informed community in service to Animals.

By expanding our Sanctuary land base which will be attached to the School, we will be able to offer lifetime homes for more than 100 more companion and farmed Animals.

Creating a World Where Animals Live in
Dignity and Freedom