The Sanctuary


The Kerulos Center’s Tortoise and The Hare Sanctuary is located on 32 acres in the beautiful mountains of southern Oregon.


Native madrone, manzanita, Ponderosa pine, ceanothus, Douglas-fir, and other wonderful plants provide a rich and varied habitat. There is also abundant wildlife neighbors, including Wild Turkeys, Deer, Skunks, and diverse bird species.



The Tortoise Clan


Southern Oregon offers a home away from home for Tortoises. From May through October they will live and roam out of doors in predator-proof habitat under sun and stars. Each Tortoise will have his or her individual habitat and burrow which is connected to a commons area for socializing or just exploring.


They will spend 7-8 months outdoors before retiring to their hibernation quarters, Je t’attendrai (French for ‘I will wait for you.’) This expresses our commitment to these wonderful beings, how we are waiting to bring them home when they merge from hibernation in Spring.


While the Tortoises are hibernating in Nevada dreaming Tortoise dreams, we are busy preparing for them, winterizing the barn and building their outdoor habitat and burrows where they will live in dignity and peace for the remainder of their lives. Tortoises can live beyond 60 years.


The Tortoises will join our Rabbit Family. Together, with you, The Tortoise and The Hare Sanctuary will serve these and many Tortoises to come along with the multitude of Rabbits in need {LEARN MORE}


After living their entire lives in a small cage slated as “meat” Rabbits, Coco and Rafael
explore the new Habitat with the lovely fizzMarie.

The Rabbit Clan


The Rabbit clan lives in the Rabitat Habitat part of the Sanctuary, nestled beneath two 400-year-old black oaks and overlooking a cottonwood-lined creek where Coho and Steelhead Trout spawn. The Habitat is comprised of an outdoor area connected to indoors so that the Rabbits can modulate their environment on their own. {LEARN MORE}