The Sacred Bones Workbook


The Sacred Bones Workbook draws from contemplative and worldly traditions for use as a companion guide in our courses and internships. The 150-page Workbook is comprised of ten chapters with readings and exercises that are discussed with your Kerulos mentor as you move through the 3 Stages of Learning.




Angela Sheldrick

The Sacred Bones curriculum embodies three stages of mentored learning that guide you from inner experience to active engagement in the world.


I. Remembrance


In this first stage, you engage in ethical reflection and objective learning on topics relating to nature-based consciousness. These include wildlife natural history, tribal cultures, conservation law and policy, and trans-species psychology.


II. Return


During Return, learning shifts from inner to outer engagement through two activities: a pilgrimage, the symbolic repatriation of “sacred bones” to a transgressed animal’s place of origin, and the planning of the final Renewal project. Most often, Return coincides with an intern or learners travel to the site of their practicum.

As an optional part of your learning experience, you are invited to take part in our Sacred Bones Wildlife Monuments project. These monuments of compassion are symbols of humanity’s pledge to serve and save wildlife to usher in a new era of peace for all animals.


III. Renewal


In this third and final stage, learning and skills are applied to a specific animal project associated with your practicum.