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Buddha and the Bear

Learning to Live Well With Grizzlies.



The Buddha and the Bear project integrates contemporary science with over 50 years of personal experience to teach how we can restore well being with the magnificent Grizzly.


Bears are some of the most misunderstood cultures. In contrast to popular myth, bears and humans lived together peacefully for thousands of years before European occupation of North America. Facts also reveal that grizzlies are not dangerous ruthless killers. In the absence of human hostility and violence, bears are naturally friendly and respectful.


The Buddha and the Bear: Living Well with Grizzlies is an education and research project to dissolve myths that have haunted and hunted bears to near extinction. Charlie Russell and Gay Bradshaw braid together science, psychology, and practice to create the foundation for a new ethical and epistemic conservation paradigm for peaceful co-existence between bears and humans.