What is Sanctuary?


Imagine walking through a beautiful forest. Sunlight sparkles, the air is warm, and birds are calling. There is a wonderful feeling of serenity. You are surrounded by love and kindness. There is no fear, no worry, no pain—only a sense of complete well-being. Welcome to sanctuary.


Sanctuary is an ancient concept shared by many cultures. It embodies an essential reverence for life and the right of every individual to have peace and safety. Sanctuary is a “retreat from the ordinary world in which to experience the profound conscious changes that are occurring” (Cortright, 1997).
In the midst of great change and economic stress, the call for sanctuary is even greater. We require ways of coping that not only protect, but nurture compassion, well-being, and spirit. Yet sanctuary is something more, for “this safe haven should be comfortable and quiet. . . and connected to nature.” (Cortright, 1997).


Nature nourishes well-being. But today, nature also is in need of sanctuary. Millions of homeless and abused cats, turtles, parrots, llamas, and other animals are desperate for rescue and a place to call home. The wild life that once filled the skies, waters, and land now struggles to survive. The time has come to create new ways of living that restore peace and security for both humans and other animals. Being Sanctuary is a guide to making this happen.