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Being Sanctuary

Making All Places Sanctuary


Being Sanctuary teaches how we can translate the concept of sanctuary into everyday life.


We offer two education and support programs, Being Sanctuary Internship  and Caring for the Caregiver, which show how we can each cultivate a life of well-being for wildlife and other animals in our homes and communities.


Our work is based in the concept of nature-based consciousness—ways of living that respect and benefit all animals. There are many approaches to nature-based consciousness, each with its own medium and symbols. At the core, they share a deep reverence for all life, peaceful co-existence with our animal kin, and a life dedicated to service to all beings.

The courses have four main goals:


  • Increase our capacity to care for animals in need
  • Promote the well-being of our own species
  • Create an animal-friendly, animal-inclusive culture of compassion and service
  • Learn ways to support wildlife in our communities

The Being Sanctuary curriculum is organized around the 10 Principles of Being Sanctuary which draw from the fields of trans-species psychology and trauma recovery.