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Far from the witless creatures depicted by popular culture, science now admits that our avian kin have comparable or greater capacity to think, feel, and experience consciousness.


Through science and popular publications, we communicate and provide the impetus for people and institutions to change for the betterment of birds. We translate our science and policy publications into Spanish to increase access in Latin American countries where there is active illegal and legal “pet” bird trade which has had a devastating impact on wildlife.


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Our Translator: Nieves Benito Taberné

Angela Sheldrick

Animals live with us. We have seized upon their flesh, their fur, their strength, without giving a thought  to the fact that they also have a soul, feelings like ours. This is what obliges us to pay them back, fairly, not with pain or disdain, but with love and respect. We must be thankful to them: they teach something every day.

—Nieves Benito Taberné



Nieves comes to Kerulos with stellar experience, skills, and art. Recently, Nieves translated the great ape bioethics paper authored by Theo Capaldo and G.A. Bradshaw, Grandes Simios: Bioética y bienestar, daño psicológico y obligación de cuidado. Both English and Spanish versions are published in the Animals & Society Policy Series. Thanks to Nieves, human language differences cease to be barriers.


Having received a degree in English at the University Complutense, Madrid, she is now pursuing specialization with a Master’s degree in Translation and Interpretation at the Universitat Jaume I, Castellón. In 1995, Niewes joined the international Intellectual Property Law Firm Del Valle Abogados, where she was in charge of direct and inverse translations of legal documents, judicial decisions, contracts, agreements, technical and forensic expertise reports, web pages, and different kinds of documentation and evidences to be submitted at Courts. In addition to these and other accolades, Nieves received First Place in the Contest for Young Translators by the University of Alcalá de Henares, and teaches Spanish to immigrants for the organization Cáritas.


Photo credit: Foster Parrot, Ltd.