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Aves Sagradas

Countless birds suffer from captivity and abuse.


Our Aves Sagradas (Sacred Birds) project restores dignity and freedom to parrots, turkeys, and other birds in need.


Captivity imposes severe stress on birds who are flighted and group oriented. Breeding in the “pet” parrot and poultry industries undermines psychological and physical well being.


Aves Sagradas works to restore dignity, well being and freedom to our avian kin in three ways:


In partnerships with Foster Parrots and the New England Exotic Wildlife Society (NEEWS), we provide education opportunities and community service to transform social values from bird possession to service. Our studies and publications inform policy to reinstate bird dignity and freedom.




Amazon parrot

Our partners Marc Johnson, Karen Windsor, and family, Foster Parrots, Ltd. Read the interview with Karen, Life with Lola, republished from our Trans-species Living archives.