Our Projects

Creating a world where animals live in dignity and freedom.



Our projects translate knowledge of animals as fully sentient beings into animal care, conservation, policy, and nature- human relationships. This work fosters community and practice that restore animal self-determination and wellbeing.


Kerulos projects are strategically aligned with our vision and mission to empower change (learning-in-service projects), make change (direct aid to animals projects), and change minds (communicate discovery projects).


“When the power of love is greater than our love for power, the world will change.”

– Pim van Lommel





Cultivating ways of living that benefit all animals means fostering positive relationships. We collaborate with individuals, groups, and organizations around the world to build community and increase social capacity to care for animal kin. Additionally, through social media, publications, and other communiques, Kerulos facilitates interdisciplinary and cross-cultural networks.


Science and Sanctuary

Our work combines contemporary science with principles and ethics of sanctuary. The new field of trans-species psychology that was established to counter selective use of science forms the conceptual backbone of animal protection thereby transforming conservation into a movement of animal self-determination.




Love sees beyond form and appearance. It is our mission to have our work reflect the grace and love that animals naturally give. It is love that propels what we do and how we do it.