Meet Our Pundits

We are fortunate to have a wonderful group of humans and organizations who share their deep knowledge and care about Desert Tortoises. This allows us to continue to cultivate understanding and insights into individual Tortoise care. Each month, you get to meet one.


 In this issue, we introduce Maggie Shreve.


Maggie has a BS in Biology and a MS in Public Health. A lifetime advocate of all animals, she has always been surrounded by dogs, cats, iguanas, horses, and all types of birds. While working as an environmental engineer in the aerospace industry, she also devoted time on weekends as a mobile veterinary assistant for a large and small animal veterinary practice in Southern California.


Tortoise under lights.

Sihu enjoying some full spectrum light.

Maggie has been part of our Tortoise Team and is integral in helping create their outdoor habitat and provide care. Sihu (featured in last month’s Tutortoise) has become a dear and favorite friend of Maggie’s. In her words,


I am so lucky to be a part of the tortoise sanctuary. Learning about their habitat, biological and dietary needs has been fun but what has really been fun is meeting each as an individual! They are such characters, full of so much personality. I have fallen madly in love with these incredible creatures.




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