Meet Our Pundits

Meet Our Pundits

We are fortunate to have a wonderful group of humans and organizations who share their deep knowledge and care about Desert Tortoises. This allows us to continue to cultivate understanding and insights into individual Tortoise care. Each month, you get to meet one. In this issue, we introduce Don Williams.


Don is President of Santa Barbara/Ventura Chapter California Turtle and Tortoise Club, California, US. He has been working with education, rescue, and care of Tortoises and Turtles for many decades. His motto is “Walk in Beauty.” Here are Don’s reflections on Tortoises:


My favorite shelled friends are masters of adaptability and so awesome in their individual personality and behaviors. Desert Tortoises are survivors beyond the dinosaurs and numerous climate changes, a species of adaptability in the desert and providers of shelter (via their burrows and “scrapes”) for many other of the desert denizens. They are also Teachers on the Art of Slowing Down, Staying in the Moment and Being what they were created to be.


To learn more about Don and his work with Tortoises, visit his website.




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