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You can change the world for Animals in many ways – from sponsoring an endangered special-needs Tortoise or Rabbit to holding a fundraiser, sharing the message, volunteering, or taking an online course at The Kerulos Learning Institute. Click on the menu on the left for ways to support our programs and help Elephants, Tortoises, Rabbits, and other Animals in need.




Enroll in our learning-in-service courses, become an intern, or volunteer for The Kerulos Center. Bring your skills and passion to help Animals in need! LEARN MORE



Make a direct difference for the Animals though donations and sanctuary sponsorships.The Kerulos Center is supported by individual donors like you who help save Elephants, Tortoises, Rabbits, and other Animals. LEARN MORE



Speak up for Animal dignity and freedom! You can help us spread the word in many ways. LEARN MORE


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