The Elephant Letters: The Story of Billy and Kani

by G.A. Bradshaw; foreword by Dr. Dame Daphne Sheldrick

We are pleased to announce the publication of The Elephant Letters: The Story of Billy and Kani. The Elephant Letters tells the moving story of Billy and Kani, two African Elephants. While they were born on the same day, the two young cousins live very different lives. Kani roams the Kenyan savanna with wild Elephant herds, struggling to survive the onslaught of poachers and other humans.

His cousin Billy lives in a zoo facing loneliness and hardship after being orphaned and taken from Africa. The cousins’ letters to each other over the years provide a unique, inside view of Elephant lives that invites children and adults around the world to learn about Elephants and how they can help save this magnificent species.

Dear Reader,

The Elephant Letters was written to bring the story of the Elephants to children and adults around the world. As a scientist and animal advocate, I have devoted my life to helping animals heal from the violence inflicted upon them by Humans. Our non-profit organization, The Kerulos Center, was created to spread the word that we are brothers and sisters with all Animals. Our motto is “kin under skin, fin, feather and fur,” because science − and our hearts − tell us what children already know: all Animals deserve love, respect and dignity.

The characters of Billy and Kani are based on what science tells us about Elephants in the wild and in captivity. Their experiences show that the problems of Elephant poaching, habitat destruction, and the soul-crushing isolation in zoos and circuses are very real. The Elephants and other Animals need your help. You can make a difference in the lives of all Animals by sharing what you have learned from reading The Elephant Letters.

I look forward to hearing your ideas on how we can create a loving world for everyone.

Trumpets to you,
Gay Bradshaw