Wish List

We have an ongoing wish list of items needed for immediate and lifetime care of our Rabbits and Tortoises and general operations at Kerulos. Below is a list of some of the key things that will increase fulfillment and happiness of the Animals. Please consider helping…donations towards any of these items are immensely appreciated.


Tortoise and Rabbit Medical Fund – Lifetime care requires a capacity to provide preventive and urgent medical care. We are building a fund to ensure this for all residents.


Greenhouse – We provide fresh greens for our Rabbits and Tortoises. To provide our own to the residents year round, we are building a greenhouse. $3500


Heavy Duty Washer and Dryer – You would be surprised how towels, sheets, and other laundry adds up for the Rabbits. Clean bedding is critical for their health and aesthetics.


Apple trees and lavender bushes – Rabbits adore apple leaves and branches! We have three, but need to plant more to keep up with their rapidly moving mandibles! They also love lavender to nibble and relax under. $50


New Tortoise Warm Weather Geodesic Dome Habitat – An additional geodesic dome will help house endangered, former “pet” Desert Tortoises. We are already receiving requests to bring in relinquished or abandoned Tortoises. $4500